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Click the Subscribe button to pay for unlimited anonymous surfing. You will be automatically billed $9.95 every 3 months. You may cancel subscription any time.
2CheckOut Payment Processing
2CheckOut.com Inc. Ohio, USA is an authorized reseller of services provided by this site. You will be automatically billed $9.95 every 3 months. You may cancel subscription any time.

Contact us if you wish to pay by Credit Card through 2CheckOut.com. You will need to get your Credit Card verified manually.

Terms of Service

(a) You will NOT receive your login and password at the end of payment processing. Accounts are set-up manually in about 24 hours and you will receive a confirmation mail for the activation of your account.
(b) Check your spam box or filter as well before you write to us about non-receipt of your account activation e-mail.
(c) Subscriptions from unverified PayPal accounts are NOT accepted. If you pay from an unverified account your subscription will NOT be activated and the amount paid will NOT be refunded.
(d) Contact us if you wish to pay by credit card through 2CheckOut.com. It requires the front and back of your card to be scanned and e-mailed to us for verification before you can pay.
(e) We have a NO REFUNDS policy and DO NOT provide any refund no matter what the reason is. DO NOT subscribe if this is not acceptable to you.
(f) If you wish to cancel: Subscribers through PayPal.com cancel from within their PayPal accounts. Those paying through 2CheckOut.com request cancellation by e-mail at least 2 days before the next charge is due.
(g) On cancellation or a request for cancellation, accounts are deactivated immediately irrespective of the remaining subscription period. Hence check this period before you cancel or request cancellation of your subscription.
(h) Your e-mail address is kept to administer your account and to communicate with you when needed. It will not be sold, shared with or passed on to any third person except as may be required of us by Law.
(i) Our anonymous web surfing service is provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind. There is NO technical support either. Hence DON'T send any such questions to us - we will NOT respond.

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